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Hezarfen Ensemble is dedicated to the highest standards of performance and the proliferation of contemporary music originating both from Turkey and abroad.  Through its performances, lectures and workshops, the ensemble aims to energize the contemporary music scene in Istanbul, providing an international platform on which Turkish composers can have their music performed at the highest level, and one on which the most important contemporary international composers have their works introduced to Turkey.  


Hezarfen works with projects that facilitate intercultural exchange, encourage diverse artistic and musical encounters, and, increasingly, that explode the very notion of separate cultures or traditions. Hezarfen was named ‘Best Chamber Music Ensemble’ by Andante Magazine (Turkey) in 2012.  Together with its long-term commitment to raising levels of awareness and accessibility of contemporary music and artistic endeavor for audiences in Turkey, it provides advanced training for the best of the new generation of musicians through workshops and collaborations with internationally known conductors and members of Klangforum Wien, MusikFabrik Cologne, Icarus and other elite partner international musicians and ensembles. 


Hezarfen Ensemble is in residence at MIAM Center for Advanced Studies of Music, Istanbul Technical University.

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