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Hezarfen Ensemble + Wojciech Rusin

Saturday 07 May
St George's Bristol, 18:30

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A double bill pairing artists who veer proudly off the path of the European contemporary classical canon, incorporating non-Western instrumentation, electronics and wobbly 3D-printed pipe music.

Hezarfen Ensemble
Hezarfen burst onto the Istanbul music scene in 2010, bringing the performance of contemporary music to Istanbul’s rich musical landscape while providing a much-needed platform to the many superb composers of the 21st century Turkish composing scene. Makam, the programme they will perform at BNM, is the sound world of much Turkish, Central Asian and North African music brought into a contemporary music context. Seven new works by very different contemporary composers, all utilising makam instruments and performers as well as the written and audio-visual resources of Hezarfen Ensmeble’s five-year Beyond East and West project on Turkish instruments in their writing process.

Wojciech Rusin

Wojciech Rusin is a Polish-born audio visual artist based in London, drawing inspiration from alchemical and gnostic texts, early renaissance choral music and Eastern European mythologies. He released The Funnel LP on Akashic Records in April 2019, Meat for the Guard Dogs on Cafe OTO’s Takuroku digital imprint and the Rufus Orbis cassette for Boomkat Edition in 2020, and new album Syphon on AD93 in Feb 2022. He designs and makes 3D-printed reed instruments, reworking ancient designs with contemporary 3D modelling technologies. In 2020 he released s / Documenting Sound series.


Concert Programme

Bushra El-Turk When Cut* WP (2020)
Mahir Çetiz Mythologies* WP (2020)
Çengiz Eren Luftschloss Passacaglia* WP (2019)
Yiğit Özatalay Var mı Yok Mu?(Is there or isn’t there?)WP (2018)
Yiğit Aydın eight reflections * WP (2020)
Tolga Yayalar Penumbrae* WP (2020)

(*commissioned by European Research Council and Hezarfen Ensemble WP=World Premiere)



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